Klara Lidén

Klara Lidén was born 1979, Stockholm, Sweden. She currently lives and works in Berlin and New York City.

Trained as an architect, Lidén has described her built structures as ‘un-building, re-cycling or improvising new uses for what’s already been set up’. Her public actions raise ‘the question of re-appropriating privatized, urban space… with the body, its ways of moving and the temporalities it engages’. Recalling a long history of performance art and conceptual work, Lidén reveals the hidden aggression and potential rebellion that rests under the surface of our cities and their inhabitants.

Using pre-existing materials and often herself as the protagonist, she plays with ideas of violence, inner tension and disaffection using simple strategies and objects readily to hand. In an attempt to de-programme our behaviour and subvert our experience of everyday life, Lidén disrupts our shared and accepted social norms with a focused, radical energy.

Lidén attended the School of Architecture at the Royal School of Technology from 2000 to 2004 and University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Konstfack from 2004 to 2007, both in Stockholm.