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Glenville Exchanges: The History of Glenville told through its Murals
February 26, 2018
6:00 pm
7:30 pm

Glenville Mural History is a two-part program that begins with the stories and history of Glenville told through the murals in the neighborhood. Robin Robinson and Gary Williams of Sankofa Fine Arts will lead an inspiring presentation of murals in Glenville with a deep dive into the history, development, timeline and background of some of the neighborhood’s most notable murals. When and why they were painted, who painted them, what do they mean? With the neighborhood of Glenville as background, join us for a discussion on the importance and viability of murals in and around Cleveland, past, present and future.

Later this spring, join Sankofa for the second part of the program, a workshop-style program that explores the lasting impact of murals and the technical exploration of producing murals of this scale.

This program will take place in the setting of the PNC Glenville Art Campus, which includes The Madison, site of FRONT’s Artist Residency program and the FRONT Porch, dedicated programming space in the neighborhood of Glenville. #PNCartscampus / #GlenvilleFRONTporch



Sankofa Fine Art Plus (Sankofa) is a nonprofit community arts organization founded in 1999 by a group of art enthusiasts who share a passion for African American and ethnic art and artists. The organization seeks to educate and expose the community, beginning with Glenville, to African American and ethnic art which give the community a visual representation of their voices through transformative, inspirational, monumental murals that they helped to create, giving them pride of place and ownership.