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Afghan Bread Making Workshop
September 13, 2018
2:00 pm
– 4:00 pm

Learn the basics of making Afghan bread, also known as naan, with Mohammad Noormal of Refugee Response. The workshop will demonstrate the traditional techniques of dough making and kneading, then baking the bread in a tandoor oven. Enjoy the bread you make and share with others around outdoor picnic tables. Condiments made from local farm ingredients will be part of the treat. Participants can come and go during the workshop activities, stroll the acres of Ohio City Farm and taste the flat bread and sample a cooking culture that came from Afghanistan to make Cleveland it’s home.

The tandoor oven is important to the authenticity of Afghan bread and culture. The workshop will teach participants how to work a tandoor oven. Three Tandoor ovens were commissioned by FRONT for John Riepenhoff’s exhibition, and are located at the Ohio City Farm, Transformer Station and the FRONT Porch at the PNC Glenville Art Campus. The ovens are available for use by those that learn how to work them, much in the same way as a barbeque pit.

This program is free, but registration is required and limited to 25. Participants should enter the farm on Bridge Avenue next to the farm stand. Suggested donations will support Refugees Response programs.