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FRONT Film Program
July 15, 2018
1:00 pm
2:00 pm

FRONT Film Program: All Small Bodies (USA Premiere);  I dream you dream of me (World Premiere)

View the FRONT Film Program’s multitude of screen related experiences. Opening weekend will feature artists introducing their works, from film inserted into the cityscape, to complex and immersive gallery presentations availing themselves of specific viewing and recording technologies.

Filmmaker Jennifer Reeder and Producer Laura Heberton will introduce I dream you dream of me (World Premiere) and All Small Bodies (USA premiere).

I dream you dream of me, (10 min., 2018) is a feminist horror fever dream. A lone woman (Angelica Ross) marks her trail and sheds some excess baggage along the way. A fresh take on the modern Western.

All Small Bodies (10 min., 2017) is a is a feminist, sci-fi take on the Grimm tale of HANSEL and GRETEL. It occurs in the distant future among the ruins of a planetary catastrophe, revealing the abuses of history and technology. In the wake of the chaotic aftermath, there are several resilient survivors including two young girls named Z and Bub. All Small Bodies follows these curious adolescents who have long been lost and alone in the haunted, other-worldly woods, as they awaken their extrasensory abilities and reclaim their autonomy from a menacing dark presence.