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Panel: Public Art in the City
September 14, 2018
4:00 pm
6:00 pm

A panel on Public Art will bring scholars, artists, and curators together to discuss what public art can do, or should do, in the urban environment. Cleveland is a city with a spacious environment that has recently seen great renovation to public areas along the lakefront and city center. How does the biennial model fit into this? What is the role of the temporary or permanent? Must public art be monumental to be effective? Panelists will include curators of nationally recognized city public art programs, each with specific models and goals.

Public art curators Ken Lum, Paul Farber and Melanie Kress will discuss their dual curatorial approaches. At the Highline, art and programming is tied to a specific tract of land while Monument Lab operates throughout the city of Philadelphia, thus creating projects with rotating teams of artists, students and curators. In addition, Michelle Grabner, FRONT Artistic Director, and FRONT artists Virginia Overton and John Riepenhoff will join the panel to represent diverse approaches to the topic of making art in and for the public sphere.

Ken Lum, Chief Curatorial Advisor, Monument Lab, Philadelphia, PA
Paul Farber, Artistic Director, Monument Lab, Philadelphia, PA
Melanie Kress, Associate Curator, The Highline, New York, NY
Michelle Grabner, Artistic Director, FRONT International, Cleveland, OH
Virginia Overton, Artist, Nashville, TN
John Riepenhoff, Artist, Milwaukee, WI

Moderator: Lisa Kurzner, Curator, FRONT International, An American City

This program is presented jointly with the Department of Art History and Art, and the Putnam Collection, at Case Western Reserve University. A reception will follow the event.