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TOUR: Womb Room Tomb: The Painted Closet of Virgie Ezelle Patton (1928-2015)
September 1, 2018
12:30 pm
5:00 pm

Tour Times

12:30 PM, 2:30 PM & 4:30 PM

A one hour guided tour by Julie Ezelle Patton through the exhibition of her work. The program will depart from the FRONT Porch. 


Free and open to the public, space is limited


Let it Bee Ark Hive (LIB), a living, breathing residential dwelling has often been referred to as a “book” by its primary authors, poet Julie Ezelle Patton. Lady Drury, a 17th-century noblewoman, patron of poet John Donne, and author of a mysterious and celebrated painted closet left her epitaph blank for others to fill in. Simple as walking through the door of a leafy Glenville dwelling which has served as a housing cooperative dating back to 1949, literary aerie, CSA & community green space, a place to book and more.


The most recent focus and the locus of the FRONT tour, is the Cleve Museum of Art & Womb Room Tomb of Virgie Ezelle Patton memorial dedicated to Virgie (1928-2015), a multi-faceted visionary artist whose creative meditations are still central to the lives of many Northeast Ohioans; her husband Cleve (1926-2007), a charming electrical journeyman who lit up every room he stepped in; as well as the spirit of Julie’s old East Village (NYC), and the collage of being colorful human family. All this gets unpacked, literally and figuratively, in a private 1913 Glenville brownstone. Only parts of this building will be open as history as community space as a creative enterprise. The curious get to explore the messiness of art and life, work and play, and patching things up in a collage of being.


The exhibition is only available during select tour dates. Visit www.letusbeeback.com to learn more about upcoming events, bookings and other opportunities for engagement.